Excellence Partner

Customers and employees are a company’s key assets. Keeping them engaged profitably is the real competitive differentiator.
This is Human Engagement.

Terragni Consulting solves complex challenges in Human Engagement that impact measurable business outcomes.

By aligning customer engagement strategies with operational excellence, we ensure that every interaction creates happy customers while optimizing internal processes for sustained business success. Our approach to excellence is built on years of experience, best practices, multi-domain learning and execution success.

Designing and executing differentiated engagement starts with getting deep insights into customers and consumers that are factual, implicit, behavioural, emotional and non-biased. Our unique “Sensemaking” insighting methodology brings together industry-first consumer neuroscience, data science, traditional research methodology and behavioural science.

We are passionate about creating communities of engaged customers and engaged employees for our client organizations. We do this with our customized time-bound implementation mentoring program. Terragni domain & subjectmatter experts work with client teams to mentor & guide them in operationalizing our strategic recommendations. We help client teams build a competitive advantage that impacts either the top line or the bottom line or both.

Our track record of globally acclaimed award-winning solutions reflects the rigor and discipline with which we approach our work, whether it's in the realm of operational excellence, service excellence, or human engagement. We have positively impacted some of the largest brands in India, both in B2B and B2C sectors, across various areas such as new product adoption, wallet share expansion, cross-selling/upselling strategies, distribution and channel experience optimization, customer and employee engagement, and fostering customer loyalty, among others.

Exhibit Partners

Founded in 2014, SquadStack is India’s most trusted telecalling outsourcing partner. They are a technology and data-driven alternative to conventional telecalling setups, combining ‘People’, ‘Systems’ & ‘Knowledge’ to enable leading businesses to scale with enhanced flexibility, improved conversions, reduced CAC, and rich, actionable insights. SquadStack’s community of telecallers connects with 300K+ leads every day for top businesses & BFSI players like AngelOne, Bajaj Finserv, Kotak Securities, BharatPe, Moneyview, Open Money, InCred, etc.

At Maxicus, we help brands in the space of customer engagement using the power & experience of people & technology.

We are a family of 5000+ team members spread across 5 cities. We serve Fortune 50 brands and 6 of the top 10 unicorns with over 20+ years of experience.

Finarya is a smart technology platform for end-to-end Integrated Governance, Risk and Compliance. Over the last few years, industries across the board are witnessing fast paced and wide-spread digitization, heightened focus around remote working, stricter regulatory environment and rapidly growing size and complexity of global financial system. These issues underscore the significance of strengthening governance standards around Operational Risk, Compliance Risk, Financial Reporting Risk, Reputation Risk & Governance.

Our product, “Ethical”, is designed with a mission to enhance the level of governance and empower organizations to promote transparency in managing the stakeholders for ushering an era to Reimagine Governance. Ethical platform provides smart configurable dashboarding & reporting capability to review performance metrics across the organization.